Visit Vilnius and its medieval core

Visit Vilnius and its medieval core

Vilnius is the Capital of Lithuania. It is located in Southeastern Lithuania. It is around 195 miles away from the main Lithuanian seaport. This unique old city is characterized by its awe-inspiring architecture, featuring Gothic styles, Renaissance styles and other. It is so captivating.

Because of its fascinating history and culture, Vilnius city has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994. Vilnius is a fascinating holiday vacation venue for those who have a passion for Medieval history, culture and architecture. It is also the right place to discover Medieval traditions and lifestyle. We strongly suggest you go there with a reliable travel agency, like What are the landmarks and tourist attractions in Vilnius?

Landmarks and tourist attractions in Vilnius

  •  The Royal Palace, in the heart of Vilnius City, where many Lithuanian Grand Dukes once resided.
  •  The palaces of feudal lords and landlords: Due to its diverse architecture, the palaces of feudal lords and landlords are among the most popular tourist attractions in Vilnius City.
  •  Churches: The city is home to 65 old churches with fascinating architecture. They are extraordinary sites to visit.
  •  Town Hall.
  •  Old Crafts workshops: The workshops host various events including craft exhibitions. It is where you explore the beauty of handmade Lithuanian crafts. Various articles can be bought at the Craftmen's workshops.
  •  The Gate of Dawn where the picture of the Virgin Mary is panted and miracles happen. It attracts many tourists from all over the world.
  •  Museums: The National Museum of Lithuania, Lithuanian Art Museum, the Museum of Genocide Victims.
  •  15 Vilnius Talking Statues: The city is famous for its Talking Statues which allow visitors to interact with famous singers or actors worldwide with voice and text messages. It is just fascinating.
  •  Vintage shops: Vilnius, Lithuania is home to many vintage shops where you can shop for second-hand clothes, jewelry, shoes and other items. Kitchen appliances, dishes, spoons, vases, pots, and other unique objects can be found at the Vilnius antique shops, which will make your trip memorable.

Organize your trip to Vilnius and explore its Medieval Core

To find out more about the Vilnius City and its Medieval Core, you can visit more websites about this old Baroch City. However, your research will be more fruitful if you travel to the spot, and interact with local people. Isn't it fascinating to take pictures of old Medieval places with its unique architecture? Onsite, it is more enjoyable to discover the past history and culture as well as the traditions of Lithuanians in Vilnius and its surroundings. You may find it challenging to organize a trip to a place where you have never visited.

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