A day in Sventoji for sea and sun
10 Jan 2019

A day in Sventoji for sea and sun


Sventoji is a small resort town of Lithuania, located on Baltic Sea's coast. As a seafront area, the town is rich in beaches and many other seaside spots where visitors have a good time during their stay in Lithuania. The place is amusing for a visit tour especially during the summer time when the weather is perfect. Many activities are available at seaside places during the sunny weather.

What to do during a day in Sventoji for sea and sun?

  • Sunbathing at the beach: One of the most common things that people do in Sventoji beach is taking a sunbath. There are many people sitting on a beach chair, beach mats along the beach to enjoy the beautiful view and the warm weather at the edge of the blue ocean. You can read books, play games and surf the internet while lying down on the white sand.
  • Playing in the water: Because of the hot weather produced by the strong sun, playing in the water is really enjoyable. Most of Sventoji's beaches are perfect for those who like to swim and have fun in the water. It is easy and convenient for adults and children because the water is shallow enough like a pool at the edge of the sea.
  • Enjoy a picnic: Set a tent on the beach to enjoy a picnic. You can also plant a beach umbrella to keep you cooler from the strong sun. This is a great way to enjoy the summer time at the seaside place in Sventoji. Many people spend a good moment doing pick nick at Sventoji's beach. They enjoy food and drink, listen to music and play guitar in the open air.
  • Take photos everywhere: If you're on vacation, so you may want to take more pictures to serve as good memories for your tour visit. There are many beautiful and picturesque places to take photos in Sventoji's seaside areas. Clear white sand dunes, tropical trees, rocky shorelines and green seaside forests are all available for photo shooting. This is one of the best ways to enjoy Sventoji when you have fun at the sea during the sunny weather.
  • Play a variety of games: Playing a game is a great activity to pass time at the seaside spots. There are many games to practice. It may include playing volleyball, cards, Frisbee, portable games and many others depending on your preference. If you like, building sandcastles and sculptures are also doable to experience unusual activities at Baltic coast of Sventoji.

Spending unforgettable moment in Sventoji

Many seaside hotels are there to ensure your stay in Sventoji. They are not only for your accommodation but they also allow to rent holiday equipment to make your visit more comfortable and safer. These may include kayak, beach umbrella, beach chair, beach mat and many others.

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