A trip to Trakai, between lakes and forests
31 Dec 2018

A trip to Trakai, between lakes and forests


Trakai is a perfect destination for tourism and the city is famous as Lithuania's treasure of history. It is often visited by local people and foreigners. It also has a number of attractions that play an important role in the city's tourism. The forests and the lakes are among the most important spots to discover in Trakai. Taking a trip between lakes and forests allows visitors to discover more interesting things and do a variety of activities.

Lakes and forests in Trakai


Trakai Trakai ais rich in water areas and waterfront spots, with 200 lakes all around the city. The city takes its place on a peninsula surrounded by 5 connecting lakes. The most important of them is the Lake of Gavle. This last is well-known for its island castle that is located in the middle of the lake. The lakes are perfect for tourism in every season.

Thanks to the perfect weather during the summer time, several activities can be practiced along and the lakes. Many people take advantage of the calm and beautiful lakes to swim and play in the waterfront of the castle of Gavle.

However, there are also many nearby lakes where you can take a wild swim during your tour. You can also row boats or sail by canoe all across the lake to visit many other tiny islands and lakeside spots. When it gets colder during the winter season, ice-skating is one of the most popular activities to do in Trakai. If you want to enjoy the beautiful night view and the smooth wind from the large connected lakes, spend some days staying in the lakeside hotels of Trakai. You can find the best one by contacting Opodo online.

Forests in Trakai

Thanks to many national reserves and many other natural landscapes, Trakai has various forests almost throughout the city. The forests build the natural overview and the beauty of the city. They are also there to keep a wide range of plants and animal species that make Trakai's wildlife really interesting for tourism.

Pines are the commonest trees that you can find in Trakai's forests. However, there are many other unusual plants and flowers that complete the natural view of the area. If you hike through Trakai's forests, you can expect to meet some wild animals like deer, boar, elk wolf and lynx.

Hiking, climbing, camping and photo shooting are all available for anyone who wants to take a trip to Trakai's forests. The north and northeastern parts of Trakai offers a perfect tour in snow forests during the winter season.

Traveling to Trakai to experience the beauty of the city

Lithuania is a common destination of many international travelers from many countries of the planet. Many people come to the country to extend their experience in nature and wildlife. Trakai is then the most interesting place to visit in the country. Opodo, an online travel agency works with many airlines and hotels in almost throughout Europe. This allows you to make the booking and reservation online by visiting Opodo's website.